Although Free Realms still has months left, I find it nessescary that we make proper preperations (in new game worlds) before the end, that way when the end is near we can spend all of that time in game rather than hunting for something else to do. 

I feel that, even though some of these community members are enemies, some close friends, that we all wish to see eachother again, to meet eachother in battle, whatever it may be. Below, I have listed a few games that my pack (blackpaw werewolf pack) has considered. We will update this regularly so that other guilds may join us. I also left a brief description of each game and how it appeals to us as a guild. Note that every game that WE play will not nessescarily fit for YOUR guild (some of these games don't include cats) but nontheless, if you still want a taste of blackpaw, you know where to find us. 

#1: Feral HeartEdit

Feral Heart has been an obvious option for our guild, and we have made player transfers even before the sunset of free realms was announced. In Feral Heart, players have the choice of creating and thoroughly customizing their own feline (cat, tiger, lion) or Canine (Wolf, Fox, Dog) and entering a rp-friendly world. Players can create their own servers, and Blackpaw is considering making an all-FR server for dedicated FR-style Roleplay (Feral Heart Roleplay is diferent)


  • Moon and Star
  • StoneBridge
  • BudderCup XD
  • BlackRock
  • Oh Nose! o.o

-Large RP options

-buildable maps

-Large customization options 


-No battle system

-Chat does not appear above players' heads, making you have to search through chat

-No minigames whatsoever; all you can do is run around (could be a pro)

-limited registration

User: Pony12

Char: Legend MoonStar

#2: Moonlight OnlineEdit

This game is essentially a remake of the popular World of Warcraft game (WoW), except in this universe, there are humans, vampries, and werewolves. This game appealed to us due to it's extensive battle, guild, and PvP systems. It also supports a full RP community, with Guild "Bases" and other perks for working together 


-Large RP options

-PvP base 


-Large Guild options

--Guild Homes

--Guild Battles

--Open world PvP 

-Decent customization options

-registration is always open



-Large one-server world


-No Warriorcat support

-Chat does not appear above head