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The Moon Pool

The Creation of Werewolf occured during the First Great War. It is an event celebrated as the turning point in the war, and the creation of the first werewolf empire. 

The Moon Pool Edit

During the First Great War, Dark Paw and Dark Pelt fled to the high mountians of Blackspore, in search of a place to hide from the Vampiric fighters persuing them. Watching from above, Moon Pack took pity on the wolves, and blessed the nearby moon pool in hopes of assisting the wolves. Dark Paw and Dark Pelt fell mortally of their wounds right in the Moon Pool, and the power of Moon Pack was absorbed into their bodies, granting them the power of the first line. 

Turning Point in the WarEdit

With the creation of werewolves, the war against the vampires took a decisive turn in the favor of the werewolves. With the new abilities to disguise themselves as humans, Werewolves were now able to inflitrate Vampiric ranks, sneak past vampries, and decieve the Vampries. Their newfound bipedalness allowed the Werewolves to use weapons, giving them another edge in the fight against vampires. 

The extent of the First Werewolf Empire

With the new Werewolf transformation, wolf society made a transition from wild-based chaos to civilized order. The First Werewolf Empire was established, allowing wolves to spread out of blackspore to the eastern coast of Sacred Grove and as far north as Lakeshore. 

The transformation from wolf to werewolf ultimitely resulted in the winning of the First Great War.