Leader: Redstar {Swift Wind} [1]Haze ClanAdded by SwiftWindDeputy: N/A

Medicine Cat/s: Dovefeather { Dove Feather }

Allied with: DarkAsh Clan, Polar Clan, Sun Clan,

Enemies: { We would prefer to have none, but considering we do have a couple, we'll keep them private until neccesary. }

Territory: As shown on the picture~ don't forget, though, we own half the river from edge to edge of our territory {not including anything from the waterfall back, closer to Shrouded Glade.  We border WhiteThunder Clan, and, to be honest, I'm not sure what else. Clans change borders so much, it's ridiculous.

Clan description: Currently, HazeClan prefers to avoid a fight unless necessary. Despite this, though, we will defend our territory.  Even so, we're an honorable Clan and won't kill for the fun of it.  Fighting or not, killing in our Clan is cruel, and we won't do so unless there's a desperate need to defend something or someone.