Welcome to BlackSun Clan      Edit

Hi Welcome to BlackSun Clan! We are a Strong clan! We work together in battles and we love to have fun!We treat all our members equally. We are a growing clan and we love new members, so don't be afraid to post a comment to join us!

Clan Rules for BlackSun ClanEdit

1. Never  insult another clan or cat during gatherings  Edit

2. You must be six moons old to become an apprentice  Edit

3. All Cats must listen to the leader's orders at all timesEdit

4.If  you want to have or nurse a kit you must become a queen until the kit is old enough to be an apprenticeEdit

5. Kits are NOT allowed outside camp without supervision of another clan catEdit

6.  Do not attack a human that comes into camp they do not know the ways of a warrior cat,you may only attack them if they try to harm you in any way.Edit

7. You must be at least four moons old to attend a gathering and you must stay with your clan at all timesEdit

8. All Cats must be in their dens by Nightfall!Edit

Leader and Deputy (Main Cats that lead the clan)Edit

TangleStar-dark brown tabby she-catEdit

IvyBlossom- White she-cat with black ears, and half of tail (end)Edit

Warriors (Brave cats that risk their lives to serve the clan)Edit

FireStorm-Orange tabby she-catEdit

BrownFeather-Light brown tabby she-cat with gold around her muzzleEdit

FogHeart-Small blue she-catEdit

InkHeart-Light blue tabby she-catEdit

Apprentices (cats in training to become a warrior)Edit

OrangePaw-Young orange she-catEdit

ShinePaw-Light blue she-catEdit

TigerPaw-Orange she-catEdit

CatPaw-small black tabbyEdit

Kits (Young cats cared for in the nursery by a mother)Edit

TealKit-Light blue tabby she-catEdit

BrightKit-Purple furred she-catEdit

SwanKit-orange she-catEdit

Elders (retired from warrior duties until they go to star clan)Edit

None yetEdit

Medicine Cat (Cat who tends to the sick and broken)Edit

we do not have one yet but tanglestar has been trained and is tending to sick cats until we find oneEdit

History of BlackSun ClanEdit

When TangleStar was a kit,a wolf pack invaded her clan's territory and killed her parents.From then on TangleKit was seperated from her two sisters.All three kits were seperated and went their own ways.Her two sisters each found a clan that took them in as a kit and raised them but TangleKit got found by a wolf pack,MidnightSun Wolf Pack.They took her in even though she was a cat and raised her as their own.She learned the ways of wolves and was taught to fight fiercely.But then on when TangleKit grew up,The wolf pack Moved their territory and accidently left Tanglefang behind.They went crazy looking for her and they could not find her anywhere.Then Tanglefang found an empty territory and found a place for dens and started her own clan.For then she became TangleStar.She had a strange dream and the day after she was united with her sisters under her parent's grave.Her sisters had each been in their own clan with their own friends they could not remember what happened to their family but they were  happy to be united with their sisters.TangleStar found some lonecats in the forest,who were starving to death and were sick and TangleStar was nice enough to take them in.She trained her first cat with her knowledge and the chain continued. she found a deputy and her clan has been growing since. For she is a very wise cat and was taught to fight by wolves,so if you ever meet her,do not cross her or you will get the wrath of her wolf ways and her clan who stays behind her always!

BlackSun Clan CampEdit

The BlackSun Clan Camp is a lot with dens made entirely by TangleStar herself (Brittney Greygem) for our clan.She spent alot of her own time making it perfect so make sure you show some respect! She is thinking to get a lot in briarwood and start over but we are taking a clan vote!Anyway make sure you rate her wugachug den when you visit! Post a comment below if you want her to make a brand new den in a briarwood lot! We are taking a clan vote but it be nice to have your opinion too! :) please vote and rate! :)