Balto (Midnight Paw)
IMG 2617
Age 3 (Wolf Years)
Race Werewolf
Special Powers Power of the First Line: Healing

Relations Alex Realms, Eli Wolfheart, Midnight Shadow, Black Pelt, Black Forest
Lives in Blackspore

Adventure drama with austin the wolf

Adventure drama with austin the wolf

Balto is the second eldest werewolf son of Alex Realms . He is currently the Beta of Blackpaw Werewolf Pack and is a Wolf of The First Line. He has wolf markings similar to that of his father, except they are blue instead of red. 

Early YearsEdit

Balto (Austin Wolfclaws4 human name) was born into the realms in 2009, unknowingly the son of acclaimed wolf Imperial Alpha Alex Realms. At this time, Alex Realms had returned to the wolf world after the First Great War, and was kickstarting his wolf campaign under his new pack, Blackpaw. Balto became one of the earliest wolf recruits of Blackpaw Werewolf Pack, and trained with his father daily. 

Young Balto characterized the Blackpaw mindset: a vigerous defense of territory and an unrelenting brutality that quickly earned himself and his pack a strong reputation among guilds.

Advancement Edit

Balto rose in line with Blackpaw, advancing in rank as he grew older and more mature. After Balto's first Spooktacular, and following the end of the second great war, Balto was promoted to Officer, and began to experiment with his usage of the power of the first line. 

Balto's power of the first line, being particularly spcefic, cut him out to become the pack medic wolf, and he served as the designated wolf medic until his later promotion to beta. As pack medic, Balto saved the lives of countless wolves during wolf-cat conflicts. This healing role gave wolves a perental feel towards the wolf, and earned him a great deal of respect among his peers. With Balto as medic, Blackpaw was able to reinforce its ranks within minuintes, healing on the battlefield and placing wolves back on the frontlines. Balto's decisive healing won Blackpaw its respect as a major military power in the realms. 

As Balto advanced, he and several other officers rose above the rest, showing exceptional ability in all fields of werewolves. At this time, Balto's older brother, Midnight Shadow, was promoted to Beta of Blackpaw, and was later demoted due to corruption. Mindight Shadow (aka Ryan) led a Blackpaw Rebellion, and Balto remained loyal to the pack. Balto's service was worthy of promotion, but he was not promoted due to the severity of the previous situation. 

A month before Halloween 2013, Balto was promoted to Beta of Blackpaw Werewolf Pack, and now serves as the Medic trainer and beta of Blackpaw Werewolf Pack.